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Ohh. no.

Last night I had a dream that Kellan and I were going to prom.. and Sabrina and Sam were going as friends, also. But Kellan wanted to go swimming first (?) and we went to a little mini lagoon thing, and I asked him if I could run home really quickly to get my swimsuit or something ( I guess I was dressed for prom) and he threw me his keys and said to take his car, so I did.. and when I got back, I parked it far away. and when we were done swimming, we went to get it and it was gone.. and we walked around for a long time, just looking for the car and finally some old man told us it was behind the brush in the background. We never got to prom.

It took the phone to ring 4 times, a message received, 4 more times, and another message received before I woke up. :) Second time I've dreamt with kellan this week. Hm. I wish he were back in town.
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