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I made this community so long ago, but nobody ever posts. Maybe if I start posting my wacky dreams, or dreams that I've had, it'll come back to life?

I'll do the lesser of the two first:

The other night I dreamt I was back in Irmo... SO RANDOM! I must be really homesick.. but I was in the Columbiana Mall and I was just walking out of Belks and took a right, and suddenly Dayn comes out of nowhere, with glasses and long curly hair, and I cry all over his shirt because I missed him, and then Sam follows after Dayn leaves and I jump on him (because I miss him more).. and I'm all whiny and glad to see him and he doesn't seem glad to see me. That's all I remember about him.. his face didn't change. and suddenly I'm in an apartment and Liz goes running by in a white bikini, burned to a crisp and I laughed at her because of her bad tanning, I guess.

I dreamt I was in an airy New York apartment, but it was the top floor and there was vegetation everywhere and the sky was really wide.. the bed was gigantic and had billowy sheets tossing about in the wind. and instead of windows there were huge doors.. but I was lying on a daybed and somebody I don't know came out of nowhere and grabbed me, and they said that they had seen the future, that they were going to die. They knew God didnt' want them to see it and now He was coming to get him early. But he knew he was going to die, so he asked me if I would come along with him and try to escape. ..or find somewhere else to go. So I agreed. and we started to run from the top level and God intervened, we were suddenly transported into a Vienna-esque village from like. 1800.. and we were on a haystack, and it became clear that it was over for us, because behind the village was a platform full of computers that went on for rooms and rooms.. and we walked in and we were both handed a card, mine was number 516 - Sindy. And I thought, ehh.. they spelled Cindy wrong, which isn't even my name. I don't know anyone named Cindy. But then I realized the number was the computer that we had to "sign out" on, basically give up our lives and die. And a robot thing was telling me that life was like a library book that you could borrow but had to give it back... and I found 516 - Sindy and.. I had to leave.
When I woke up, suddenly I remembered that God is real to me.
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