The Great Avenger (gnatgirl) wrote in realm_of_dreams,
The Great Avenger

yeah, right, haha... Robbie! Help me!

I went to new york to see boy, but somehow, it was him coming here instead. we met at some sort of picnic, a gigantic convention for people like me (tourists, ho ho) to visit NY, but when I say there were a lot of us, I mean, thousands, within an area as big as my house.

the first time, I found him. I asked if he was disappointed in me and he didn't answer so I pulled his head so I could see right into his eyes, and he called me a sweet name, and said no. He was playing guitar, and robin took it away, and played it badly, then we got seperated, I got lost.

there were these huge hills and people going up and down them and I didn't know where to go and couldn't see ten feet in front of me. and I wanted to call out his name, but I didn't know if it was a good idea, there were little kids and people who kept falling down the steps on the big hills (they were steep, probably only a few feet of nonslanted ground between them, and they went nearly straight up, with staircases) and I kept catching them with my foot or something...

earlier in the dream, I think iwas at the museum of natural history, except it was really really really really tall, and I could see out, except the view wasn't NYC, it was Marseille... then I was back at the hills and I didn't know how to get to boy and I didn't know how to get somewhere else, because everywhere around me looked the same, and none of the people climbing would answer me in a way that made sense... and I was worried that he left with one of his friends or something, and somehow I had lost my cellphone too, and I didn't know what to do... I wish boy was on for me talk to. One, though, but only for ten minutes.
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