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This is the summary of the past two nights:

I was at Andrew's house. (me and laura had visited him just a while ago in real life)There was a bunch of people there: andrew [duh], laura, Greta, Chris...i can't remember the rest. All i really remember is andrew's plumpy fat cat [LLLLAAA!] Missy was waddling around the room and i was la'ing at it. Only it didn't have spots on its coat--it was all white and really soft and squishy. (no, i didn't squeeze it)but it was snuffling around me and i got to hug it. and use it for a pillow. It was so soft and fat--and then Laura's fat lard bucket beagle came waddling up and wagging his branch of a tail, he was such a log, and laura was saying "smell him, smell him" and he stunk, and she reeled back with disgust. Greta was there, and i was saying "you should've come sooner" and she was like "i wanted too but the ice cream truck, the ice cream truck" ?? Ilya was leaning against the wall and papier was glaring at me.
stupid bastard men.
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